Flat rate slot machines: straight slots

Straight Slots are considered to be the most stable slots, because they have permanent payouts which are regulated but the paytable where you can get such information. So, if you start gambling exactly at this slots machine, what you have to do at first is to look through the paytable or just the machine, because the payout percentage can be located somewhere on it.

Advantages of straight types

So, the particular game has the power to indicate its own type of the jackpot, that won't be flexible and tend to be controlled by the payback schedule, thus the only thing that the players have to do - is just to make up the line on the reel in such a way, that there could be three similar images. So, the notion of jackpot that in this case is flat - is the main advantage of the slots game.

As usually there are always the subtypes of every slot types, and being not the exception, look the following kinds:

  • Multiplier - this is the best subtype according to the point of view of the experienced gamblers. Why not? Imagine that you really have the possibility to double your winnings without any other bets, just by a lucky chance, having the certain winning combination on your reels, while playing slot machine games.
  • Bonus multiplier - oh, this is even sweeter to have such happiness. As always your deal - is to find the fixed combination of symbols, that will bring you this doublings, and in order to make it even more profitable, you can throe there more coins. Thus you have a possibility to gain this bonus.
  • Multiple Slot Payline - as much coins you have already thrown into the slot machine, as the number of the lines will be activated. Thus you have higher chances to creep to the jackpot. But you have to bet separately on every of the lines, the amount of which can increase up to 20.
  • Buy a Pay - here you will have to be attentive and aware. In order to be such, you need to read the information which is given to the players on the paytable, about all the winning combinations, the amount of coins which you have to throw. There are usually more than one paytable, but the forgery is that you have to trigger extra money if you want to play the extra paytables. But remember, that the odds are much higher.
  • Wildcard - not every time this symbol is considered to be a subtype of the straight slots, but nevertheless, at such machine your possibilities are swelling greatly! As soon as you see it on your machine, it means that you really have luck, because such symbol has the power to substitute the other symbols that are not so important, and therefore, you can win!

Well, these are the general kinds of the straight slots, but as always it's not limited. Because even the games of straight slots can bear the other names, for example - the single line slots and bonus slots. So the flat rate slots (the other nickname of the straight) really have its advantages - easiness in playing and height in winning slot odds. Just play slot machines and you will see!