You will get nowhere from the reel type slots

Because everywhere you will encounter them and at least once you will try them! It's like an essence of the slot machine games, and all the visitors tend to try exactly them, knowing or just having heard some superior opportunities that these machines can impact on all the users: from the first novices to the slots experts.

A little bit of slots history

Approximately 20-25 years ago everything began. There was once the mechanic Charles fey, who invented the first machine Liberty Bell, which till now has impressed us with its simplicity and amusement. It's clear that now we have only the remains of that beauty, but every skilled gambler has to know, what this is and whom we have to be thankful to. There were levers at that time, which needed to be pulled and plus no automatic payouts. Now we have all these advantages and really owe a lot to the contemporary progress which makes a miracle.

So, now our eye can be adored with the 3, 5 and 7-reel slot machines, which are different but in the same moment have the same goal - of having more payouts or at least odds to have them.

3-reel slot machines

This is the past replica of Fey Liberty Bell, which was a little bit improved, but in general the simplicity which was the forte of the earliest machine still remains. This is the best way for the beginners and those who want to get used to the slot machines. Also, there are online versions of this type, which cannot but impress with the evolutional progress, which is being hold every day. The jackpot doesn't stand on the same place, it's supple, that also excite. As much spins you do, as much payouts you are to have.

5-reel slot machines

These slot machine games are like the intermediate versions between 3 and 7 reel slot machines, but with its functions and odds it really impresses to the highest level. Such slots are not for the tyros because need more than a general notion where tom push the button. The paytable must be learnt attentively, because in such a way you will find out where the highest odds are hidden and in what side to lie in ambush. You will hear also the other Australian name of these slots - Pokies. For sure the most impressive here and profitable is the online tournaments which you will like for the huge opportunity of the superior slots odds.

7-reel slot machines

Oh, these slots are really the peak of the reel type slots, because imagine how far are the chances and how huge they can be if you manage to hit them. They are not so popular just because of its sophisticated functions that not everybody can overcome and just get used to. But if you do your best to accustom to them, you will be on the top. The most used are the online games, and especially the slot tournaments which are hold by the slots gamblers. You will like them for sure.

So, which one would you like to choose? Any way you will adore playing, and if you are the beginner you will try to climb up the ladder of the reel slot types, in order to harness the 7-reel! Have a nice game!