Choose your favorite: types of slot machine games

Slot machines are considered to be the most played gambling games in the casinos. Of course, it gives to the casinos the biggest profits. But to the players, such machines are also kind, and often present the gamblers lots of high percentage payouts. And the question isn't discussed about the entertainment side, which is of the greatest demand among the visitors.

Every time, the past part of every notion must be mentioned. Here, we all have to know the Name of Charles Fey who started slot machines history with his brain child Liberty Bell. The tinge of the first machine is still present in the slot types, especially in the reel type slots, but as always the development didn't bypassed the world of slots gambling, where we have the most attractive novelties which we try to use with all the enthusiasm and heat!

So, now let's analyze step by step all the types of the best payout slots machine games that are available for all the gamblers.

Straight slots are really straight and simple

  • The simplicity and clarity of this kind of slots impress every gambler whether he sees the one-armed bandit for the first time or tires to harness this beast the 10th try.
  • The other important moment of these slots that they have the stable jackpot, that not vary and controlled by the special schedule.
  • The subtypes of this machine will gladden you with enormous doubles of your payouts: here you will find Multipliers, Buy a Pay, and Multiple Paylines.

Well, after all this description you will know for sure what kind of slots is your favorite or just will become your favorite. Any way every slot type is worth trying! Fortune favors the bold!

Progressive slots really progress

  • The evolution has done its work, and presented us a good and profitable type of progressive slots. Here you will be amused by the flexible jackpot.
  • The percentage of payouts is growing with all the thrown bets. And not because of your trigger but also the others gamblers.
  • The subtypes of the progressive slots differ with the possibility to have the higher percentage of the payouts which depends not only on your bets. And even the progressive machines which are located at the other accommodation will bring you a great profit.

The peak of the development - video slots

  • The great innovated large interface will overthrow you at once you touch that sensory buttons.
  • The sound is better than in the usual slot machine. Once you try it you will never change this kind to some other.
  • The mechanism in general is the same as the other slots types, so you just can enjoy your favorite slot game to which you have already got used, but in the another format.

The past spirit of the reel type slots

  • The great-grandmother of this kind of slots was the earliest machine Liberty Bell, which put the origin to the all history of the slots gambling. And the most seen traits of this beauty you will find exactly using this reel type slots.
  • The 3-reel machine is the exact but improved replica of the first slots game. It's simple in usage, that's why the most popular among the not very frequent visitors of the casinos. But nevertheless the slots odds are impressive and not childish.
  • The 5-reel type machine also doesn't stay in the last rows of the casino, being a very used and of a great demand. It's not so simple to play, the gambler has to get acquainted with the paytables, but the percentages of the payouts are worth playing for.