Baccarat: all known strategies

It should be noted that baccarat is a game of chance. The main part of the tricks are important only for a short game. That is, the player is not recommended to spend more than 3-4 games at the table.

The most important rule of any player is to bet such amounts that you do not regret to lose. This law will save you from painful worries if the money is lost.

Every baccarat player should understand that his influence on the process is minimal.

You should not bet on a draw.

The game of baccarat is considered simple, but this is a deceptive judgment. It is necessary to adhere to a certain strategy - only then there will be an opportunity to win constantly:

Betting on a draw: this outcome, although paid very generously, is extremely unlikely. From a statistical point of view it can be characterized as hundredths of a percent (according to expert calculations - the dealer has an advantage of 14-16%);

Betting on the player: the event is more likely than betting on a draw, but the casino owners will have a handicap of 1.2-1.29%;

winning the bank - the most likely outcome: even taking into account the commission payments (standard - 4-5%) player can get a stable income (here the chances of the dealer - 1.01-1.02%).

But not only the nature of the bet plays a role. It is important to find a company that offers a minimum commission and, at the same time, provides the opportunity to play six decks during the draw. In this case, the chances of success are maximum.

Important tips - aspects that should be followed when playing:

Baccarat: how to win the game

There is no single rule according to which one can win. Players need to be careful when betting and dealing cards. It is highly discouraged to bet on a draw. Although the amount of winnings is maximum, the probability of the event occurring is extremely low.

Before betting, it is best to assess the competence of the dealer (banker) and the reputation of the casino, and only then decide whether or not to bet.

If you bet at an online casino, it is best to find out how real players rate this particular organization. In today's world, there is a chance of getting caught up in fraudulent sites:

read reviews of the virtual casino: study the conditions that are offered when registering on the site; check how long the playground has been established.

Tip: Never consume alcohol during the game. It can strongly affect the course of the party drawing and lead to a collapse.

Useful information.

This is very important! Baccarat is a game of chance. You should not count on an instant win. You can get a lot of money only with monotonous and long work.

Akio Kashiwagi is one of the best masters of the game. This Japanese billionaire entrepreneur bet hundreds of thousands of dollars and managed to win consistently. His true earnings from the game of baccarat are very difficult to find out, but experts estimate them very high - not less than a million dollars in total.

John Warne Gates (this is not a millionaire associated with IT, but his namesake) was engaged in oil and the sale of barbed wire. He was into the game of baccarat. And quite successfully. His maximum bet was several million dollars.

Tom Renzoni is a citizen of the United States, the father of American baccarat. He became fascinated by it during a visit to the island of Cuba and brought the game to his homeland. He was the initiator of popularizing the game in the USA, insisted on installing baccarat tables in gambling establishments of large cities.

  • clear planning of funds - before playing you should determine the limit of one bet and the limit of leaving the casino:
  • you need full control over yourself - you should not give in to minute moods;
  • the ability to stop in time - the casino should not hold you down, the player must be aware of his interests;
  • If you play well you need to set aside some money - it disciplines and will not allow you to leave the institution without funds.
  • When playing online, you should understand that the opponent is not a person, but a system that has no emotions. The process becomes more interesting, but more difficult.