All About Slots Reels

Long time ago, our beauty Liberty Bell, besides the first slot machine ever, had five reels and a lever which had to be pulled if we want to start the game. Now everything is quite simpler, and the further creators stopped with the 3 reels and the innovated slot machine that can be controlled from the electronic point of view. That's interesting, but these reels that show us our winnings and losses have also its slot technology life.

How did it start?

The question is also about when it started - in the far 1980th when we had the first slot machine games and its multiple replicas. The certain results were shown in the mechanical way. And as it has already been stated above, such slot machines had 5 reels. But the further manufacturers considered 5 slots reels to be more reliable and convenient. We have now what we have. Instead of strict beliefs of Charles Fey (the first inventor) who wasn't going to sell the rights and patent of Liberty Bell, still the other person Inge Telnaes managed to receive it in the 1984. The name of the slot machine was claimed as "Electronic Gaming Device Utilizing a Random Number Generator for Selecting the Reel Stop Positions." From that times all the casinos and other businessman that wanted to make or to have the slot machine had to use Telnaes slot mapping. That was the first step in making the virtual reel. But about this we'll talk a little bit later.

How does it work now?

So, we have the Telnaes slot mapping that was allowed by the IGT, and also the three reels that really differ from the ancient 5 one, because the technology has developed very much. The winning combinations work in not in cubic way as it was before; the winning odds are really high and worth trying your destiny in jackpots of slots game. If the machine has 22 symbols, it means that winning payout can reach up to 10 000 slots combinations. The losing symbols still exist and lead to their disparity of the rate on the reels.

The creation of the virtual reels

Imagine that instead of the lever there are buttons and instead of the real reels there are virtual ones! Where more can bring us this gambling evolution to? In such reels there are much more symbols - up to 300 that have inquired even the virtual stops! One of the symbols can have its own stop in the real reels; here virtual pauses have the different symbols that predict the outcome. Before gambling the slots it's better to know about the slot machine you want to harness - how much virtual stops does it have and therefore the odds of hitting the jackpot. In reality, the regulation of symbols on the reels decides a lot. You are changing the bars on the reels - the result is changed automatically.

So, if you want to play real or virtual reel, you have to remember that even the one changed symbol on the definite reel can increase or decrease your wining outcome! Be attentive and enjoy these spinning reels!