Learn the Slots Glossary!

If you are a tyro at the slots machines, and near you there are experienced slots gamblers who speaking in some unknown language for you, pronouncing something like "reel", "multipliers", "buy-a-pay" and something like this, don't be afraid that you are going g to lose or this game is difficult! Everything is very simple, but in order to know at least some of the main terminology and to chat equally with the skilled players, this article is worth reading and learning!

Here we will present you the most used and the most important slots glossary, and maybe the knowledge of this idiom will help you to hit the jackpot when you play slot machines!

Slots reels

This is the least notion that one has to know about the slots machines. These are the lines that the gambler has in front of his yes with symbols. It can be 3 reels, 5 and even 7 reel slot machines.

Random Number Generator

Congratulations! This is just luck that everybody wants to have while playing. In other words it's a computer chip that generates numbers in a random way in the slots machine, which we see as the slots symbols that present us with different winnings or loses.

Loose and Tight Slots

It is said that if one encounters the loose machine - he will definitely win there, the tight one vice versa - will bring only the wasting of money. Loose one has numerous amounts of the paying symbols, wilds, scatters.

Multiplier Slots

This is the type of slots due to which you will have your winnings, but doubled! For example, if you insert one coin, when you come across cherry slots, you'll receive 5 coins! Great possibility to receive money!

Progressive Slots

This is the very progressive kind of slots, and they make this progress due to the amount of not only one player, but everybody who is playing the machine. Thus the percentage of payouts grows, and that player who'll hit, is going to receive all the bets of other players!

Bonus Slots

This is like an extra game inside the other game. The gambler has the possibility to receive such a feature, but he must meet the special combinations of slots symbols that will award him with such a freebie.


The gambler has the opportunity not only to receive money for the playing, but only the additional presents in the form of free credits: food or other prizes for the hold tournament.

Pay table

This is the list of the features that machine includes, in other words the menu that will help you to sort out the winning combinations and the important slots symbols.


This can be any of the position in which the symbols will be united, and in such a way the gambler is going to receive some of the winnings or bonuses.

No deposit

This term is related with the online casino that lures its visitors with the possibility to have free game and to make no deposits.


This is such a symbol which can make your game winning, because it substitutes all the other symbols that have no value.

So, as you see this list is large, and it can be even larger, because nowadays new glossary is being created and in such a way we have to pay attention to different expression and just names that related to slots machine, because to become a professional - this is not a very task to do, so use the opportunities!