Slot machine history evolution

The general saying that without our past, we won't explore our future is true even talking about gambling. In our case we will talk about slot games. It's true indeed, because maybe knowing the general mechanism and just the development of one-armed machines will hint you at the revealing of some hidden secret mechanism of slots machine that will definitely congratulate you with the highest jackpot! Ok, enough dreaming let's start be realistic and read the following information just for our general competence.

The chronological review:

  1. At first it was the brainchild of Charles Fey. He was the official inventor of the slot machine games, but still there is some disparity between the dates: according to one source it is told that it was in the 1887, the other announces that it was exactly at the 1895 year. But in spite of this lack of correspondence, Charles Fey was the first creator who invented Liberty Bell, the earliest slot machine. From this period everything began.
  2. In 1891 there were other members who had more profitable character than creative, the company of Sittman and Pitt, who claimed to improve the slot machine too. But the slots game of this company looked like very much poker due to its payouts combinations and card symbols. The huge differentia was that there were no reels, instead of them were drums. This slot machine was very popular in the places of social gathering - bars, pubs and just because the visitors, having tried this beast could receive free bear or meals. That's why the demand was high.
  3. Charles fey in general didn't boast the skills of good entrepreneur but still he could manage deals very well. In 1907 he decided to spread such replicas of Liberty Bell throughout the world and the first who helped him in this were the Mills Novelty Company. They had strong benefits of its visitors and Charles Fey who totally didn't want to sell all the rights and calmly was receiving his honestly earned 50%.
  4. XX century was the peak of the development of the beauty Liberty Bell - there was produced the improved and bettered version of this which particularly took the name of the company which was spreading these slots - the Mills Liberty Bell. For a not very long period of time this machine was bringing such name, the other one and very quickly was - the Operator Bell. You see that bell didn't disappear while the main names were changing
  5. A lot of symbols during its evolution were added, and plus just the outside appearance was being changing often - from the iron machine it converted into the wooden in order to have the lighten weight.
  6. 1950 - was the year of the greatest popular period of the expanding slots game. Everybody wanted to try it at least once, to know out the feeling - how to play slot machines. The businessmen were forestalling them with the highest speed and even didn't hesitate that this could bring them lots of benefits. Thus was born the other replica - Big Berta. But not for a long time it could stand. The copies of Charles Fey were good, but the whole question was about the development, so it was the finish with the history and arose the modern ancestor of slot machines - Money Honey.

There are lots of historical moments that can open you totally the historical picture of the gambling game - slots game. But all the written above can map you at least the simplest imagination why we have this machine and who exactly was the creator of our possibility to receive money in the amusing way.