The popularity of Charles Fey Liberty Bell

Somebody invents television, the first car, the first lamp and etc., but there must be someone who has invented the first slot machine. The name of this genius is Charles Fey, we owe all our fortune and misfortune, entertainment and in some cases addiction exactly to this person.

The legend of the slots

So what did he manage to do that he has converted into the gambling slot legend? Just intention and idea. Yeah, having the idea and some skills - the same as having the power, because in your mind is being elaborated the plan how to realize it in life. What he exactly did. He was the simple mechanic, even not from the USA, he had his origin in Germany. And one day in the 80th he created it - the brainchild which bears the name of the Liberty Bell. Thus the slot machines history took its roots.

And in addition to the fact that he did create the earliest slot machine and became eminent all over the world, he had the serious problems with health. The American doctors claimed the diagnosis of TB that could make the other person depressive and be ready for the near death, but not this creator. He bypassed this woman with the scythe and what is more left the most significant track after him in the world of slot game gambling.

The childhood and youth of Liberty Bell

The birthday of this beauty approximately began in the 1980th but, different sources give us different dates, so we just stop at this appointment. As usually the first things are not as ideal as the creator wanted. Yeah, Charles Fey wanted to improve his machine to the unrecognizing but the technology at that time wasn't at such peak as it's now, so he had to satisfy with what he had. So what were the main peculiarities of the Liberty Bell? Look here:

  • The beauty had the three reels which were spinning, and when the gambler had the possibility or the luck to have the same three symbols at once, he received his slots payouts. But of course it was the main problem with the payouts, because it was impossible to make it automatic and the visitors mostly were presented by the free meals and food, which the slot assistant was carrying. Not convenient but funny and of course better than not to receive anything.
  • The symbols of the Liberty Bell were different, mostly hearts and diamonds, but also one important symbol of Liberty Bell that gave this patriotic claim to the first slot machine. Everybody must know that this is the essential basis of the slot gambling.
  • The problems were enormous, instead of its popularity and demand. The human creatures are surely cleverer and smarter that's why it was not very difficult to outwit the slot machine pulling there the fake coins, which were not recognized. Everybody wants to have everything without paying, this is just the truth of the life. Plus the other great problem even in the direct meaning "great" was relating with the weight of the machine - it was iron one. The transformation of this brought lots of misfortunes to the entrepreneurs who wanted to have this slot machine.

But instead of all the problems which concerned Liberty Bell, Charles Fey didn't want to sell all the rights to this baby, only receiving the 50% of its profits. Later of course the machine was being improved by the companies with which the creator was cooperating, and at last cam Money Honey which totally changed the machine with its innovative technologies. But nobody forgets about its ancestors. It's our past.